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William S. Rafaill has been a college professor and also a trainer/consultant in the areas of computer technology, software, web development, graphic design and marketing. He began his professional career as a faculty member at Berea College, Kentucky, but ended up serving as their Instructional Computing Coordinator. Eventually leaving the College, Rafaill spent the next ten years working for three different companies while specializing in technology sales and consulting to educational institutions. During that period, he served in a variety of capacities including assistant store manager and educational sales manager. His primary focus was assisting schools as they implemented the technology components of the Kentucky Education Reform Act.

Given his background in education, Bill had a knack for training and several clients encouraged him to pursue this further. In 1995 he formed Rafaill & Associates as a training company on a part-time basis. By the spring of the next year he was doing it full-time.

In the fall of 1996 Bill accepted a teaching position at Georgetown College, Kentucky. Two years later Bill was asked by the Provost of Georgetown College to address the question What is Computer Literacy? as the College prepared for an accreditation review. Bill researched the question thoroughly and his report on the question, presented a year later, resulted in the creation of the College's Technology Literacy Program. Bill became the Coordinator of that program and was eventually promoted to the position of Director of Technology Training Services for the College. He served in that position until the end of May, 2003, when, as a result of budget cuts, several administrative staff positions were eliminated, including his.

Thus Rafaill & Associates was resurrected in June of 2003. This time, however, with 25 years of experience in technology in both education and business, the original scope of the company was expanded from simply a training company to what it is today, a company that offers web development, graphic design, and training.

Rafaill & Associates is now a Michigan-based company: In August of 2004, the company relocated to Albion, Michigan, then in 2022 it relocated to Whitehall, Michigan.

Initially, Rafaill & Associates operated as a sole proprietorship. In 2011 it was reorganized as an LLC.

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