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Technology Training

Training from Rafaill & Associates, LLC is personalized, interactive, and adapted to your needs.

Facilitated Sessions

What good is technology if you do not know how to effectively use it? Although it is possible to learn a program or concept by reading a book or manual, Rafaill & Associates, LLC firmly believes that facilitated training sessions are the best way to learn.

Our sessions will provide you with a firm foundation from which you can then learn more about the program or concept. We will reinforce any good habits that you have already developed, help you eliminate any bad ones, and teach you a few "tips & tricks" along the way. We can make that commitment to you because our training sessions will be led by someone who not only knows the basics of the program, but also many of its more advanced features.

Personalized Training

Our training is personalized. We do not teach from a book with a "canned lesson." After discussing your needs with you, we develop a class agenda to fit your needs.

Interactive Classes

Our workshops are not just "show-and-tell" sessions. Your training will be interactive and will have an end product or result in mind. Thus the workshop facilitator will explain each task, show how it is performed, and describe any "gotchas" or alternatives. Then the attendees will perform the task. By the end of the workshop each attendee will have produced something using the program they have learned.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible class scheduling and location. When you contact us and ask for a class, we will work out a set of dates for you with your schedule in mind. All workshops can be done at your site or at a site that we agree upon.

No Minimum Number

There is no minimum number of attendees for any workshop. We are just as eager to work one-on-one as we are to train larger groups, although we encourage limiting workshops to 12 persons. Since the pace of the workshop will be based upon the skill level of the attendees, it is much easier to do so with groups of 12 or fewer individuals.

Flexible Time Length

Workshop length is designed to meet your needs. Training sessions can be two hours, a half day (up to four hours with one break), all day (up to eight hours with brief morning and afternoon breaks as well as a lunch break), or take place over multiple days.

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