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Web Development

Rafaill & Associates, LLC works closely with its customers in developing a website that will satisfy them. We use a give-and-take method of consultation which involves asking for your input at each step in the process.

The Process

Our first step is to meet with our customers to determine their specific needs for each of the following: domain name registration, website hosting, and promotion (search engine optimization).

The next step is to thoroughly discuss the details of site content and design, after which our designers will begin to assemble your website while periodically consulting with you for feedback and approval.

To facilitate your ability to review the site during development, it will be uploaded to a test area on one of our servers so that you will be able to review the site "live" and respond to our questions and offer your ideas.

Once it is agreed that the work is complete, you will be asked to review the site one final time. At this point you will be required to evaluate all content, to check all links, etc. Once you give us your approval, we will then upload the site to your hosting service of choice, thus making your site "live" on the Internet.

How Long Does Development Take?

On average, the process of development takes a few weeks to a few months depending upon the complexity of the project. However, the most important person determining the length of time from the onset to finish is YOU! Since our process is one of give-and-take, we can only move forward when you respond to our requests for materials and feedback. Thus, the sooner you respond to our requests, the quicker we can have your new website up and running!

Site Maintenance

At this point, you now have another decision to make. Do you want to be responsible for updates of the site, or do you wish Rafaill & Associates, LLC to be your webmaster? If you choose the former, we will be able to train you on the steps needed to update your site, and if the latter is chosen we will perform periodic updates of the site at your request.

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